10x Close Up Lens for Micro HD
Product ID : SL570
Capture close up images and video with the Micro HD The 10x Close Up Lens...
Lens Dock
Product ID : SL972
Quick Access to your Wide Angle Lens The SeaLife Lens Dock protects and...
Fisheye Wide Angle Lens
Product ID : SL975
Wide Angle Lens
Product ID : SL970
When you need to get everything in the shot With the SeaLife Wide Angle...
Mini Wide Angle Lens
Product ID : SL974
When you need to get everything in the shot Get closer to the subject and...
Sea Dragon EVA Cases
Product ID : SL942
Thermo molded cases for your camera, light, and other accessories....
Sea Dragon Maxx Hard Case
Product ID : SL948
Protect your photo equipment The SeaLife Sea Dragon Maxx Case is...
Pro Duo Case
Product ID : SL944
Protect your photo equipment The soft SeaLife Pro Duo Case is designed to...
DC1400/1200 Charger Kit
Product ID : SL7216
Spare Battery and Charger Keep a spare battery charged and ready to use for...
Moisture Muncher Packs
Product ID : M101
Eats humidity, kills moisture Moisture Muncher Packs absorb moisture to...
DC1400/1200 Battery
Product ID : SL7014
Spare Rechargeable Camera Battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery for the...
Wrist Strap
Product ID : SL7207
Secure your gear while in use The SeaLife Wrist Strap easily attaches to...
Float Strap
Product ID : SL920
Keep cameras, lights and other devices afloat The universal Float Strap is...
Screen Shield
Product ID : SL5012
Protect the screen of your underwater camera The Screen Shield is a...
Micro HD Mount for GoPro Accessories
Product ID : SL9818
Attach the Micro HD to GoPro® mounts and accessories Connect the Micro HD...
1/4-20 Hinged D-Ring
Product ID : SL9981
Easily add a lanyard to any tripod mount The 1/4-20 hinged D-ring screws...
AquaPod Mini
Product ID : SL912
NEW Compact extendable underwater monopod The SeaLife AquaPod Mini, like the...
Product ID : SL913
Extendable underwater monopod The SeaLife AquaPod allows for close up...
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