Adapter: DIN, Female X 1/4" NPTF
A special adaptor with a female DIN 300-Bar port on one end and ΒΌ" NPTF pipe...
Bushing: 1/4 M X 1/8 FNPT, SS
A stainless steel bushing to change a 1/4" NPT female port to an 1/8" female...
HP Air Handtite S/S Nipple & Nut CGA
CGA 347 handtite stainless nut \ tailpiece (no filter) for breathing air to...
Replacement tip seal:
Replacement tip seal for SCUBA to SCBA Adapter #45000
SCBA to Scuba DIN adapter
A filling adapter to allow fire-rescue air systems (CGA 347) to fill scuba...
Scuba Port Converter Block
A rectangular, chromed-plated brass block containing an O-ring sealed...
SCUBA to SCBA Adapter
A handy jump adapter for filling a SCBA (firefighter, medical emergency unit)...
Seal for #45015
Seal for SCBA Filler - 4500 psi CGA #347 (45015)
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