Compressor Repair

Compressor Maintenance & Air Samples

We have over 30 years experience in the high pressure gas field.  We offer air sample testing using Trace Analytics, LLC labs and supplies.  On a Preventive Maintenance service call, we change filters, compressor oil, inspect the chambers, clean the compressor, inspect the storage units (exterior) for condition and current hydro state.
We can also train in Fill Station Operation and High Pressure Hazmat, both required by law. Using PSI/PCI training standards and materials we will make your operation meet legal standards.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49-172.700-704

Mandates that all persons who handle, transport or are likely to be affected by the hazards of compressed gas cylinders and their contents shall receive appropriate safety training.

Hazmat Training within industries that utilize high pressure cylinders should provide specific safety awareness for all applicable groups such as employees, service technicians, air fill station operators (FSO), Nitrox gas blenders as well as volunteer helpers, and even customers (if they assist at fill station)

Bank systems, control panels, fill whips, and much more available
Hydro testing of banks, SCBAs, and other pressure cylinders are all done in house for fast reliable service.
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