ECT - Eddy Current Service Technician

Eddy Current Service Technician

Eddy Current testing is a powerful addition to visual cylinder inspection however many in the industry continue to use such devices on the wrong cylinders or fail to operate the equipment properly.  This 3 hour course provides Visual Cylinder Inspectors with the added training to know when and how to conduct a proper Eddy Current Tests of SCUBA and SCBA cylinders in addition to hands on experience with Eddy Current devices.  Attendants are required to be certified by PSI as Visual Cylinder Inspectors, and current on the rating.  Participate receive certification as Eddy Current Service Technician upon course completion.  This course includes material and certificate for $185.00.

Combine VCI Inspector and ECT Eddy Current Service Technician for a saving of fifty dollars ($50.00), both classes for $485.00. 

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