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Southern Indiana Scuba's 
Equipment Service Prices

We will service your equipment no matter were it was purchased.  We are authorized service center for Scuba Pro, and Sherwood.  

You can drop it off or mail it to us.  We will service you equipment and return to you.  If the service is warranty parts, we will need proof.

Please note below the IMPORTANT information about warranty work/free parts from the manufacturers.

NOTE: Usual turn around time for equipment repair is about ten working days. Priority Service is available.

Pricing effective January 1, 2019

EFFECTIVE August 8, 2016
We can no longer service under warranty Aqua Lung Regulators, we can service this equipment until our training expires. 

We only service equipment that we are authorized to sell.  If you have anything but ScubaPro lines, Sherwood lines, Ocean Reef and Interspiro, we can not service them.  We will give you recommend dealers for service of your equipment.

Southern Indiana Scuba has over 30 years of experience servicing regulators and equipment.  We have Two Scuba Pro Master Technician on staff to service your Scuba Pro regulators. We are authorized to service all equipment we sell.  We are a certified DOT HYDRO RETESTER Station.  We test your cylinder in house.  We offer Eddy Current Mark V inspections on 6351-T6, which REQUIRED by D.O.T. and PSI.  We have the latest equipment for testing and verifying your Life support systems.

Service Item

Service Price

Regulator System Overhaul - Complete System
Limited 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty
 Service Price
1st Stage Only Single Hose Regulator Service# ~ $30.00
2nd Stage Only (Octopus or Primary) Service # $30.00
Pressure Gauge Swivel# $20.00
Air 2# includes hose $30.00
LPI/Air2 Hose Rebuild (plus parts) $20.00
Computer Service plus parts, serial(s) #: $30.00
Assembly & Test Regulators not purchased at Southern Indiana Scuba# $75.00
Clean up Bio Hazard in Regulator Surcharge ~ $125.00
Heavy Corroded or Dirty Surcharge ~ $30.00
Shop Supplies and Fees (price per regulator item) $3.25
Buoyancy Compensator Service 
Limited 30 Day Parts and Labor Warranty
Test Power inflators $20.00
Rebuild Power inflators# $30.00
Replace Power inflators# (if not purchased here) $20.00
Cylinder Service (does not include fill)  
Cylinder Visual by PSI Inspectors (scuba)   $25.00
EAN Cylinder Visual by PSI Inspectors  (scuba) (EAN, O2 verify or O2 Clean Extra FEE)<> $28.00
Cylinder Visual by PSI Inspectors with Eddy Current test % (scuba) $35.00
EAN Cylinder Visual by PSI Inspectors with Eddy Current test % (scuba) (EAN, O2 verify or O2 Clean Extra FEE)<> $38.00
Hydro, includes Cylinder Visual as above without eddy current (scuba) $55.00
Hydro, includes Cylinder Visual as above with eddy current (scuba) <> $65.00
EAN Hydro, includes Cylinder Visual as above without eddy current  (EAN, O2 verify or O2 Clean Extra FEE)% (scuba) $70.00
EAN Hydro, includes Cylinder Visual as above with eddy current  (EAN, O2 verify or O2 Clean Extra FEE)% (scuba) $80.00
Hydro - Visual, include not Eddy Current test % (except SCUBA) $50.00
Hydro - Visual includes Eddy Current test % (except SCUBA) $60.00
Hydro -Visual Only, Larger Bottles for storage  $60.00
Eddy Current test ONLY for crack verification % $10.00
Spare Air Cylinder hydro $35.00
Re-plusing a steel cylinder $15.00
Whip 130 cuft cylinder or smaller $15.00
Whip Storage Bottles $45.00
Tumble of cylinder $65.00
Accessories removal or replacement fee per cylinder fee, (pony brackets, double bands, back plates, anything other than cylinder boot) $35.00
Valve Service  
"K" or "DIN" Valve Repair # $60.00
Oxygen Service Cylinder and Valves  
Nitrox Clean Cylinder plus parts $60.00
Nitrox Clean Valve plus parts $60.00
Nitrox Clean Regulator plus parts $60.00
Spare Air Service includes annual kit, cylinder visual $80.00
Hourly Labor Rate for non-annual service, per hour rate, $25.00 minimum* $75.00
Training on equipment not purchased here 1 hour minimum. $75.00
Full Face Mask Service  
Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Service# $65.00
Aga Full Face Mask Service (includes minor repair kit), other parts extra $210.00
Warranty Service Administration Charge $3.50
Heavy Corroded or Dirty Surcharge $30.00
Priority Service (less than 7 Days) This fee is addition to service fees $75.00
While You wait service (Same Day Service) NO EXCEPTIONS to this Charge.  This fee is addition to service fees $85.00
FOR ITEMS LEFT OVER 30 DAYS, Storage fee per will be charged $20.00
Note:  Prices are subject to change without notice.  

#NOTE: prices do not include sales tax or parts, but if under warranty, parts are free with proper warranty forms and within manufacturers stated warranty period.

~Heavy Corroded or Dirty Surcharge

@ Silicone oil extra

^NOTE: Includes Annual Service

* Anything that is not an annual service or prices stated above

<> Already O2 Cleaned Cylinders

% Visual Eddy Currrent Testing is done ONLY on 6351-T6 aluminum cylinders unless requested and will be done on all 6351-T6 aluminum cylinders (SCUBA, SCBA, Oxgyen Service)

^^As of January 1, 2016, due to rising cost to Southern Indiana Scuba, we will need to make an adjustment to our service pricing.  The changes are as follows:

  • Items NOT PURCHASED at Southern Indiana Scuba will require proof of warranty.  This includes, but is not limited to, receipt of purchase, receipt of last service, or warranty paperwork completed at time of warranty service.  If you have purchased your equipment from Southern Indiana Scuba, we have all required information for warranty. 
  • Due to manufacturers polices warranty work MUST be within 24 months of last service or purchase.  If not, you will be charged for the parts, if you are part of the "Parts for life progam".