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Local Dive Trips


Upcoming Local Trips:

2018 Dive Season Local Dive Trip







Type of Trip@

Level of Diver

Fun Dives Only All Levels

*Fees charged for local diving is the fees charged by the location we are going to.  These fees are subject to change and are show for reference only.  Please contact either the location or Southern Indiana Scuba for more pricing details.

#Destination and or dates are subject to change without written notice, only those signed up for the trip will be notified of the changes, so be sure to sign up for all local trips that you wish to attend.

@Yes training dives can be done on these trips, see  Mark for more details.

2018 Dive Season Training Dives

These dives are for training only, this is not a dive weekend open to the public.

Training Dives





Type of Trip

Level of Diver

Open Water Training Dives TBA 2 days SIS Staff $129.00 Training ONLY OW and Above

* The $129.00 fee is for students that have taken classes at Southern Indiana Scuba.  Southern Indiana Scuba does accept referrals from other instructors or dive schools.  The referral fee is $159.00, this includes wetsuit, bcd, cylinder, regulator, hood, gloves, site fee, and PIC cost.  Not included is mask, fins, snorkel and boots.

Is there someplace you've always wanted to go?  Just let us know!  Send suggestions to Southern Indiana Scuba


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