PCI PSI Courses

Professional Scuba Inspector (PSI)
Professional Cylinders Inspector (PCI)

Cylinder Inspection Classes


PCI / PSI  and Southern Indiana Scuba offers many different course:

VCI Visual Cylinder Inspections,

Visual Cylinder Inspector Refresher Course,

VCIU Visual Cylinder Inspector Update Seminar,

Cylinder Safety Seminar

HAZMAT Handler of SCUBA & SCBA Cylinders
Fill Station Operator,

  Eddy Current Service Technician,
Eddy Current Service Technician Refresher

Valve Repair Technician,

Oxygen Clean Cylinder Technician 

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Information on Combining Classes


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We are willing to travel to teach the PSI/PCI classes.  We do require a minimum number of students.  This minimum number will vary based on the amount of travel required.  Four persons is an average number of people required in most areas.