VCI - Visual Cylinder Inspector Course

VCI - Visual Cylinder Inspector Course

 This certification course teaches the basics of conducting the annual visual inspections of solid wall and composite SCUBA and  SCBA cylinders.  The 6 - 8 hour course is suited for those new to visual inspection well as those who have been inspecting  without formal training through its wide range of inspection subjects including damage limits, neck cracking, and laws  affecting inspectors.  Additional, this course meets the OSHA and DOT requirements for employee HAZMAT training and attendants completing the course are qualified to conduct HAZMAT training for cylinder handlers.  Previously certified inspectors may attend this full course under the VCIR for re-qualification.  The course is open to anyone 16 years or older and no previous cylinder inspection experience is required.  However, you must be 18 years old to receive certification.  Participates receive certification as Visual Cylinder Inspectors upon course completion.  This course includes manual, hand outs and certification from PSI.  All this for only $350.00.  Non-certification price $300.00

Combine VCI Inspector and ECT Eddy Current Service Technician for a saving of fifty dollars ($50.00), both classes for $485.00. 

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